UiPath Certification Discount | Get 50% OFF on Any Exam

If you think UiPath Examination Exam is costlier, then this post is for you. Like UiPath Certification, it also provides various methods on which you can get UiPath Certification Discount at half price.

In this blog, we will cover how you can get all certifications that UiPath provides at half price or 50% OFF. So let’s go through this.

UiPath Certification Discount

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UiPath Certification Discount: How to Claim 50% OFF

UiPath provides various UiPath Certification Discounts on their certification exam. Here we will discuss each method in which you can claim a discount easily. All the methods to claim discounts are only available if you are eligible for them.

Types of UiPath Certification
Types of UiPath Certification

1. UiPath Academic Alliance program

One of the ways to get 50% OFF on exams is with the help of the UiPath Academic Alliance Program.

Students and teachers affiliated with the University/College members of UiPath Academic Alliance have the chance to receive a 50% discount for their UiPath Professional Certification.

They can reach out to their academic supervisor or instructor who would then interact with the designated Program Managers for obtaining these special offers. Be advised though that these promotional vouchers do come with an expiration window, which last three months.

Once this deadline passes, there won’t be any extensions made available; thus we strongly advise candidates to take advantage of them within that allotted period.

Throuh UiPath Academic Allicance Program, you can get 50% OFF on All UiPath Certificate Exams.

2. UiPath Vouchers

UiPath Vouchers are another way to get a discount on certification provided by UiPath.

If you need to take multiple UiPath certification exams for yourself or other team members, purchasing vouchers could be beneficial. They allow you to pay for exam fees upfront and avoid processing individual payment transactions every time someone needs to sit for an exam.

Voucher packages offer greater convenience, allowing you to manage multiple exam registrations through one central location.

If you have plans to certify over 100 staff members, contact the UiPath Certified Professional Program Office for exclusive bulk pricing options at ucp.operations@uipath.com.

Please keep in mind that all purchased vouchers are valid for a year (12 months) following issuance; there’s no option to renew or extend past this period. Therefore, we recommend utilizing them as soon as possible.

By UiPath Vouchers from here, UiPath Vouchers.

UiPath Business Analyst Certification
Sample: UiPath Business Analyst Certification Voucher

UiPath Certification Discount Faqs

  1. How to get UiPath Certification at 50% Discount

    You can get 50% OFF on all UiPath certificates if your University/College is affiliated with UiPath Academic Alliance Program.

  2. If I Buy Bulk UiPath Vouchers Can I Get Discounts

    If you are planning to purchase UiPath Vouchers in Bulk (more than 100) for your employees or Company then there might a chance to get a discount. To get a discount you have to directly contact UiPath through their mail: ucp.operations@uipath.com


Achieving a considerable decrease in certification costs takes some work, but it is still possible. Students may get certificates without breaking the bank by using current bargains like those offered by UiPath.

Furthermore, investigating discounts available through UiPath partnerships allows businesses to obtain significant savings while expanding their employee skill set in RPA and automation.

Remember that investing in professional development may provide significant benefits in terms of increased production and efficiency, making education a wise decision for both businesses and individuals.

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