UiPath Certification Cost 2023 | Is it Worth the Investment?

In this blog, we will be discussing the most searched query on UiPath which is UiPath Certification Cost or Is UiPath Certification Free? After going through this post you will get all the information about the cost of UiPath Certification.

Since UiPath provides different Certifications, the cost also may vary from course to cause. So here we have updated the latest cost of Uipath Certifications in India and worldwide. So let’s check each of them in detail.

Is UiPath Certification Free?

No UiPath Certification is not free, But you can study the entire course without any penny with the help of UiPath Academy. The Fees required for UiPath Certification are for the Exam that uipath conducts. You will get this certification only after successful completion of the exam with a good score.

Uipath Certification Cost - Is It Really Worth
UiPath Certification Cost

Additionally, you can get all resources and materials for the certification without any cost or for free. All the materials are available in UiPath Academy and you can ask your doubt in UiPath Community.

What is UiPath Certification Cost?

The cost of getting certified by UiPath can vary depending on the program you decide to pursue, with typical fees ranging from $150 to $300. UiPath mainly provides 3 certifications (UiRPA, UIARD, UIABA) each certification exam has its own cost.

Uipath Certification Sample
Is UiPath Certification Free

But Learning in uipath is completely free. You can Learn it from UiPath Academy which provides a wide range of UiPah Courses and also you can utilize UiPath Community and UiPath Forum for clearing your doubts and asking your questions.

So in UiPath, you need to pay only for the exam so that you can get a certification, you can learn everything free without a penny.

There are mainly three certifications, which uipath provides:

UiPath Certified RPA Associate Cost (UiRPA)

This Certification cost $150 per attempt and the entire exam duration is about 90 minutes. All the costs are for only a single attempt. If you want to attempt more than one then you have to pay extra.

UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer Cost (UiARD)

This Certification cost $200 per attempt and the entire exam duration is about 120 minutes.

UiPath Certified Automation Business Analyst Cost (UiABA)

This Certification cost $300 per attempt and the entire exam duration is about 90 minutes.

Types Of Uipath Certification Cost
Types of UiPath Certification Cost

UiPath Certification Cost: Faqs

  1. Is UiPath Certification Free?

    UiPath Certification is not free and the cost of UiPath certification depends on the type of certification and level of the exam. The cost can range from $150 to $300.

  2. What is UiPath Certification Cost

    The cost of UiPath Certification varies depending on the type of certification and level of the exam. For UiPath Certified RPA Associate (UiRPA), the cost is $150. For UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD), it is $200. Finally, for UiPath Certified Automation Business Analyst (UiABA), it is $300.


The benefits of UiPath certification extend beyond just increasing productivity and simplifying operations – they open doors for both personal and organizational success.

Employees with earned credentials stand out in the workforce of today thanks to their relevant knowledge and abilities. And while the upfront cost can feel intimidating, the long-term ROI offered by better production and increased profits make it worthwhile.

So don’t hesitate to explore how UiPath certification can propel your career forward. In the end, it’s about developing personally and professionally.

To know more about UiPath Certification Cost Check, https://academy.uipath.com/certification

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