UiPath Input Dialog Explained With Examples

In this tutorial, you can learn about UiPath Input Dialog Activity and how you can use it in your automation process. This activity is mainly used where your process has to interact with the user and read their inputs and store their responses.

Here we will provide a complete overview of this activity, including its properties and how to use them with help of an example.

What is the UiPath Input dialog?

UiPath Input Dialog allows you to prompt a window for the user’s input. When this activity is executed a dialog box window appears on your screen with some label and an input text field for users. They have to enter their queries into it.

The package used in this activity is:


It has two components a label message and an input field for users’ input. This activity can be used on various use cases where you require the value from the user. These values can be stored with help of a variable.

You can use multiple choice, date picker, and password in this activity based on your automation needs.

UiPath Input Dialog Text Box

In “Input Type” if you set it as a “Text Box” then the window will only show a text box for users’ input.

UiPath Input Dialog Multiple Choice

If your set “Multiple Choice” in the input type you can give multiple options for users to select. In the properties, option text box you can add your multiple-choice values in it. For example:

{"UIPath","Power Automate","Automation Anyhwere"}
UiPath Input Dialog Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice in Input Dialog

UiPath Input Dialog Password

If the user is entering a password in the input dialog activity, in the properties section you can set it as a password by turning the option “IsPassword” on.

This lets you store your user’s input as a password in a specific variable that you have mentioned. So later on in your process, you can use this.

UiPath Input Dialog Default Value

Sometimes if users don’t enter any text in it and you want to store default values, you can do it this activity.

To store a default value in Input Dialog, you just need to add your default value in the variable. Make sure the value entered in a variable is in double quotes.

UiPath Input Dialog Close Button

The close button is used to close the dialog window which you have created.

UiPath Input Dialog Datepicker

Till now you cannot add a date picker in dialog activity, but you can use other activities which support dates.

But on a later version of UiPath Studio, you can expect this feature in this activity but till now you cannot add a date picker in it.

How to Use Input Dialog In UiPath Studio with Example

As now you have basic knowledge of this activity, now we will go through how you can use this in your automation process. You can follow the below steps.

  1. Open your UiPath Studio on your system and create a new process. If you are working on an existing process you can use this on it.
  2. Now on the activities search box, search for “Input Dialog” and add it to your process.
  3. Now enter the “Dialog Title“, it can be seen once you executed this process. It is the name of the window.
UiPath Input Dialog Example
Input Dialog Activity in UiPath Studio
  1. Now add “Input Label” values. This entered text can be seen just above the input text field. It can be used to mention what you have to enter in that specific text box. Such as “Enter your name”
  2. Now select “Input Type” it can be a Text box or Multiple choice.
  3. Now add a variable in “Value Entered” to store the values that the user enters in the text field.
  4. Now run the process.
  5. A window will be popped with your Input title and Label. Enter any values in the text field and click ok to save the values in the variable.
Output of UiPath Input Dialog Activity

Properties of Input Dialog in UiPath Studio

Now let’s check the properties of this activity in detail:

InputIsPassword: If this option is enabled then the value entered by the user is set as a password.
Label: The label of the popped window.
Options: If the option is set to one, a text box will be displayed for entering text, and for 2 or 3, they will appear as radio buttons and for more than 3, they will be presented as a combo box for selection. It should be noted that this field only accepts String Array variables.
Options String: Act as same as Options.
Title: It describes the title of the Input Dialog.
OutputResult: The value inserted by the user in the Text box.
CommonDisplayName: The name to be displayed.
UiPath Input Dialog Activity Properties


As now you have learned what this activity is about and how this activity gone worked, you can easily use it in your automation process. This activity is one of the best ways to get a text from users. This activity can also be used on processes where user interaction is more.

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Faq on Input Dialog Activity

  1. How to use the input dialog in UiPath?

    To use the Input Dialog in UiPath by adding it to your workflow and entering a variable to store the values of Input Dialog activity.

  2. How to get user input in UiPath

    Getting user input is easy in UiPath, Uipath provides Input dialog Activity that helps to get user input and store in a specific variable.

  3. How can a variable for an input dialog activity be created in UiPath?

    To create a variable in the Input Dialog activity you can use keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + K. Now enter the variable name and hit enter to save your variable in Uipath Studio.

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